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William Carson

Director of Market Engagement

Market Engagement | 21 Years
SITEL Consulting, Teleperformance, Concentrix

Over the past twenty-one years, William has worked with the world’s leading BPO outsourcers including SITEL, Teleperformance, and Concentrix, as Consultant, Director and Board Member. His passion is developing and implementing the unique approach necessary in BPO to educate and engage the market, which was the focus of his MA in Business Management in 2016. William sits on the Global Sourcing Association Council and is an active member of the UK Contact Centre Forum and the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing. He is a writer, speaker and general disruptor of all things customer experience (CX) related.

Away from CX management, William is a Non-Executive Director of a welfare and development charity, New Ways, which operates predominantly in Turkana, Northern Kenya, and the ‘up-start’ Evershare.io, a block-chain based music publishing business. He continues to write, perform and record as a musician.


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