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Experience a fresh approach to customer service outsourcing

Whether you‘re looking to offer a more effective omnichannel experience, advance your current customer service levels, or want the flexibility to scale, you’ll need help from a trusted partner, who can not only deliver results quickly, but who also has the expertise to create the world-class customer experience that your customers deserve.

Our speciality is providing excellence in customer service and our leading-edge technology ensures the utmost agility and security. We offer a boutique service. And we’re proactive when it comes to creating bespoke, innovative value-added contact centre solutions, designed to elevate your customer experience.

“We simply don’t believe in an “off-the-shelf” approach or a "one-size-fits-all" solution. Whether for our colleagues or our clients, for us it’s all about personalisation. We bring together our experience and expertise to create intelligent and bespoke solutions that are tailored to your individual needs.”

John Devlin, CEO and Co-Founder

Our CX Solutions

Omnichannel Customer Solutions

Next generation customer support in an omnichannel world.

Providing a seamless experience to your customers, regardless of which channel they have chosen to interact with your brand, is a long-term commitment. Our fresh approach to customer care extends far beyond the on-boarding phase. With a focus firmly on continuous improvement, we will be your trusted experts. Leading you through every phase of the customer journey, as we work collaboratively to create memorable customer experiences that deliver real benefits to your business.

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There’s more than a willingness and ability to meet both short and long-term goals at Ascensos. Taking our clients to the next level and raising the bar higher for every goal that is achieved, should be the expectation of any true collaborative partnership

Stephen Pascoe, Business Unit Director.

Digital Transformation

Expert technology guides. For your customer-centric journey.

Our advanced technological capabilities and analytics underpin all that we do. In today’s multi-faceted world of ecommerce, customers have increasingly high expectations of exceptional service, enabled by ever-evolving technology. And when it comes to emerging technologies, our fingers are on the pulse. We’ll be your trusted technology experts, combining a human-centric approach with smart agile tech. Confidently guiding you through your digital journey, to establish an intelligent and effective customer experience.

Our future with AI will be one of partnership and human enhancement. With the right technology and application, we have a fantastic opportunity to create an incredible customer experience for our clients

David Gilfillan, Director of Technology.

Multi-lingual Customer Service

World-class customer service. One conversation at a time.

Strengthening the loyalty of your international customer base, means consistently meeting the demands of customer diversity – from different time zones, cultures and languages. At Ascensos, we are strategically positioned to deliver pan-European, multi-lingual customer engagement, which is scalable, flexible and exceptional – to provide world-class contact centre support to your worldwide marketplace.

Helping you achieve more in new and emerging markets has been central to our European strategy. Enabling expansion through technology and experience is what you and your customers deserve

Cristian-Dan Man, Head of Operations, Romania.

Peak Support & Capacity

Help to scale. From a safe pair of hands.

We understand your challenges and pains. We’ve done this before. Award winningly well. Our team is comprised of seasoned customer engagement experts, with decades of experience delivering contact centre solutions. Ascensos will feel like an extension of your own team. And you’ll receive results, quickly. With the quality and confidence, you can expect from a trusted partner.

We know that building on the new, not spending energy fighting the old, is the secret to change. Taking responsibility for you and your customers is the most powerful thing we can do

Lyle McLean, Director of Client Operations.

Customer Insights & Analytics

Smart technology, driven by smart people.

We harness audience-led analytics and cutting-edge technology, drawing data at scale from multiple sources to create intelligent insights that are powerful, timely and relevant. By working collaboratively, we’ll use our expertise to help you deliver improved results that meet your business objectives.

Our key to turning data into actionable insight, is our investment in people who understand the true business goal of our clients and who recognise the smart use of technology as an enabler. That’s when the passion and power of analytics can rewrite the future of the end-user experience

Alan Whisker, Director of Client Solutions.

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